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The NO FEAR birth

Have you been "programmed" into believing that childbirth equals pain?

What happens when you think of something unpleasant or recall a painful experience? You probably tend to tense up, recoil, to screw your face up at the very idea. Why is this? The body is directly responding to the memory or thought by becoming tight and tense, the muscles squeezing tighter and becoming hard. For so many years women have been "programmed" into believing that childbirth equals pain. Having this thought in mind essential reinforces the body's natural reaction to tense up. What if, The fear of the pain is what drives the pain.

During childbirth, you want the muscles of the uterus to become relaxed and open easily in order to birth, yet if the mother is fearful then her baby may be trying to move through tense, hard muscles and it is this which can cause pain, a longer birth, or the need for medical interventions. However, when your muscles are loose and relaxed there is no resistance and therefore no struggle. Your baby is able to make its way effortlessly through the birth canal. All the muscles involved stretch easily, just as nature intended and work perfectly in order to birth your baby.

HypnoBirthing also helps you to focus clearly on your breathing, which is vital to managing pain during childbirth. Through hypnosis you will be able to create a deep state of relaxation, a sensation of peace and calm that lead to your muscles being able to let go and relax entirely helping you create the 'no fear birth experience'.

HypnoBirthing focuses on eliminating the fear which often surrounds the idea of childbirth. This fear is believed to be the main cause of pain, discomfort and complications.

Would you like the 'NO FEAR' birth experience?

Jayne Micallef teaches Pregnancy Yoonline classesga with Hypnobirthing in-person and online and the Calm Birth workshop in South Croydon.

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