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access consciousness bars and facelift london
i offer access bars

Joyful Body Yoga offers classes and training events in London and across the UK.


Access Bars and Access Facelift

Each training is fully certified and a BRILLIANT addition for coaches, healers, health practitioners, or therapists. There are no prerequisites; everybody can learn and add to a current business, create a new business or play with friends and family.


Preparing expectant mums by combining pregnancy yoga with hypnobirthing for a more comfortable pregnancy and calm, easier birth.

And getting partners involved with our couple's calm birth workshop - hypnobirthing for couples.

Do you have a question? Send us a message, we'd love to hear from you!

Access Bars Certified Practitioner Training

Immerse Yourself in this Vibrant day of Change with Access Bars

The one-day Access Bars Training will equip you with the tools to change and create more ease in every area of your life!

This dynamic hands-on technique from Access Consciousness® can assist you in changing anything that is not working for you. 

Attending an Access Bars class starts the adventure of something different; we access a different possibility. The Access tools are super-fast and highly effective; you can apply these to change anythingMoney, business, health, happiness, relationships. What else is possible? Read more about this training…

Pregnancy Yoga with Hypnobirthing

Pre-requisite: No experience is necessary to join this class!

This weekly feel-good yoga class for expectant mums can help you in being more comfortable during the emotional and physical changes that take place during the second and third trimesters. Preparing your mind and body for birth and introducing you to some effective hypnobirthing techniques to release fear and build confidence.

You can join us anytime from 20 weeks and practice right up to your birth. You get to be part of a supportive network of pregnant women during this wonderful and exciting time. Read more about this class…

Birth Prep Workshop - Hypnobirthing

For Couples, no experience is necessary to join this workshop!

This highly recommended Calm & Confident Birth practical workshop teaches effective hypnobirthing, breathing and relaxation techniques. All are designed to calm the mind and show you how to work with your body during birth. These techniques are proven to help release fear and enable you to give birth in the way you are designed to…calmly, naturally.

This practical workshop will simplify things as we get straight to what is required to help prepare you for the birth of your baby. Giving your birthing partner a chance to get involved and be there for you. During this workshop, you will practice together for a relaxed and positive state of mind. Read more about this workshop…

i offer access bars

What would a Bars® Session create for you? Would you like to try it?

If you are new to Access or have something in particular that you want to change, then a private session is for you.

Each time you get your Bars run, you have access to more of you beyond the limits of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

What else is possible for you that you have not yet chosen?

All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy & Glory!®

Healthy Yoga for Everybody

yoga for everybodyThis weekly yoga in-person class helps relieve the pressures of modern living. Its emphasis on soft, flowing movements and asanas can help increase energy levels, ease back pain, and wash away stress.

Designed for all abilities and fitness levels, it is suitable for everybody looking to enjoy the many benefits of movement, breathwork and stretching for their health and well-being.

We're back! This popular class will commence again in London Waterloo starting January 2024.

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