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Choose Joyful Body YOGA?

Should you choose Joyful Body YOGA?

Joyful Body Yoga is 'yoga done different' each class is rich with inspiration and awareness of how you are the effect of your body, your life and your creations.

Whether you are choosing a yoga class, an Access Bars therapy or hypnobirthing it is my aim to empower you to enjoy your body and create a life that really works for you.

1. Style and performance
Born in the heart of London's Waterloo, Joyful Body was first established in 2008. Dedicated to providing unique classes and workshops giving you in-the-moment results aiming to inspire and empower without compromise.

2. Holistic service offering
More than just yoga, there is a wide range of services to support you in anything you would like to achieve, whether you’re looking to have greater health, prepare for birth, conscious parenting and beyond.

3. Best customer care
Great pride is taken in constantly improving to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

4. Contributing to a more conscious planet
Dedicated to offering a wealth of tools and techniques to empower you in functioning from greater choices so that you can be the ripple effect that contributes to creating more consciousness on this planet.

What will you choose?

I look forward to welcoming you!


Jayne Micallef | Creator of Joyful Body, London

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