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Pregnancy Yoga & Hypnobirthing

Yoga Stretch


This Yoga stretch class is going to give you that relaxing deep stretch your body has been craving for. This practice is a great way to reduce stressand let go of tiredness.

With postures and stretches to align your skin, muscles, and bones. This relieves tightness in the neck, shoulders, lower back and hamstrings. An excellent way to relax and let-go with focused breathing to help bring peace to the mind and body.

This will bring calmness and a sense of well being.

What are the benefits?

Release deeply held tension

Improves respiration, energy and vitality

Relieve neck and back-ache

Quiet the mind and improve sleep

Reduces stress and anxiety

Helps maintain a balanced metabolism

Who’s this for?

This class is suitable for anybody who is looking to enjoy the benefits from a good stretch and deep relaxation. No experience is required for you to enjoy this class as plenty of modifications – if required. It acts as a great introduction to yoga and introduces some effective breathing exercises.

I really notice how improved my range of movement is. It’s nice to slow down, not something I’m very good at on my own, and its surprising the amount of tension I released in my neck and shoulders.”

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Feeling Anxious About Childbirth?

I offer access bars london waterloo

Access Bars® can assist you in releasing the build-up of fear and anxiety that can often occur during pregnancy. Each Bars session clears the emotional overwhelm allowing a sense of peace and calm in your mind and body. Highly recommended during pregnancy as this will dissipate the build-up of thoughts, feelings and emotions about childbirth.

In addition, other benefits include feeling happier, a dramatic reduction in stress, a greater sense of peace and improved confidence. Especially relevant is the contribution to your baby being less programmed and more conscious.

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