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Yoga Flow


This ‘wholesome’ Dru Yoga practice combines flowing sequences, breath-work and relaxation giving you an instant feel-good effect.

With effective stretches to relieve tightness and tiredness. An excellent way to relax and let-go with focused breathing to help bring peace to the mind and body.

This will bring calmness, stress reduction, and a sense of well being.

What are the benefits?

Reduces stress and anxiety

Improve strength, co-ordination and flexibility

Improves respiration, energy and vitality

Helps maintain a balanced metabolism

Promotes cardio and circulatory health

Teaches you how to get out of your head

Who’s this for?

This class is suitable for anybody who is looking to enjoy the benefits from stretching and relaxing. With plenty of modifications no experience is necessary for anybody to enjoy this class.

It acts as a great introduction to yoga sequences, relaxation and effective breathing.

These feel good classes are expansive, positive and emotionally uplifting! read more testimonials

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Hypnobirthing: A transformative journey of joy and empowerment!

kg hypnobirthing courseEmbark on an extraordinary adventure with our Hypnobirthing course or workshop, tailored for couples seeking a harmonious and empowering birthing experience.

Discover the art of relaxation, inner strength, and the incredible connection between mind, body, and baby.

Embrace the power of positive birthing and uncover a world where fear is replaced with confidence and anticipation transforms into excitement. Immerse yourselves in evidence-based techniques, where breath becomes a guide, and the mind becomes an ally.

Hypnobirthing empowers you to create your desired birthing experience with a sense of control and serenity.

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