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Yoga Classes


Yoga Classes in London Waterloo

Joyful Body Yoga is about creating harmony in your mind and body and developing strength and flexibility.

Classes are suitable for people of all ages, shapes and sizes and can help improve overall health.

With a variety of yoga classes to choose from there is something here for everyone – and do checkout our testimonials!

Yoga Flow

Monday’s 6.30-7.45 pm

This restorative yoga practise combines sequences, breath-work and relaxation, giving you an instant feel-good effect. It allows you to rediscover a sense of connection that, in today’s fast-paced world, is often lost more

Pregnancy Yoga with Hypobirthing

Tuesday’s 6.15-7.25 pm

This highly effective practice for expectant mums combines yoga and hypnobirthing for your optimum experience. The aim of this class is to promote vitality during pregnancy and help to prepare you for birth more…

What do I need to bring to a Yoga Class?

Yoga involves a lot of movement, so wear something comfortable to enable you to move freely. Bring a small bottle of water and an open mind.

You don’t need to bring a Yoga mat (unless you want to bring your own) as we can provide one.

Benefits of Yoga

Physical benefits of yoga

Helps create a toned, flexible and strong body

Improves respiration, energy and vitality

Helps maintain a balanced metabolism

Promotes cardio and circulatory health

Improves athletic performance

Mental benefits of yoga

Helps you relax and manage the stresses of modern life

Teaches you how to get out of your head

Conscious benefits of yoga

Encourages greater awareness and self-acceptance

Develops a greater connection with your body, helping you be at one with yourself

Hypnobirthing: A transformative journey of joy and empowerment!

kg hypnobirthing courseEmbark on an extraordinary adventure with our Hypnobirthing course or workshop, tailored for couples seeking a harmonious and empowering birthing experience.

Discover the art of relaxation, inner strength, and the incredible connection between mind, body, and baby.

Embrace the power of positive birthing and uncover a world where fear is replaced with confidence and anticipation transforms into excitement. Immerse yourselves in evidence-based techniques, where breath becomes a guide, and the mind becomes an ally.

Hypnobirthing empowers you to create your desired birthing experience with a sense of control and serenity.

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