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Top 3 Tips for Pregnancy & Birthing with Ease


There is a lot of information that comes at you when you’re pregnant. Almost everyone has decided there is a “right way” to be pregnant and a right way to do “birth” and they love telling you about it!

What if there isn’t a “right way” to have a baby? And, what if you couldn’t get it “wrong”?

You see, consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. So, birthing from total consciousness would allow you to be totally present in every moment without judgment of you or anyone else. It would allow you to receive everything, to judge nothing, and to allow everything to be what it is. If you can function from this space, you will have total ease with whatever shows up along the way before, during and after pregnancy.








Here are my top 3 Tips for Pregnancy & Birthing with Ease:

Ask Questions.

When you ask a question, you open the door for a completely different possibility to show up. This takes you beyond the ‘professional’s default response’ and into what works for you. You also invite the Universe to show you the easiest path possible. Which can be nice to have during pregnancy and labour…just saying 😉

Attend a weekly class that gets you in communion with your body.

It’s your body that birth’s your baby so it makes complete sense to get out of your head and into the awareness of what your body is saying to you. A nurturing class that involves movement, stretches, breathing and relaxation can be a huge benefit during pregnancy. Not to mention the ease and confidence gained for a calm birth.

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Get Your Bars Run.

The Access Bars are 32 points on the head, that when gently touched, release the electromatic charge of all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you have that are limiting you and creating dis-ease in your life and your body.

Often times there is a lot of charge around everything when you’re pregnant including birth. Ever notice? Your body is changing. You are more ‘sensitive’. You’re aware of the projections, expectations and judgements of people around you. You have lifetimes of beliefs around birthing. When you get your bars run, you get rid of the mind chatter and the heaviness in your body and what gets created is more space and ease for birth.

Most of the time the Access Bars process is ran on you while you lay on a massage table, if you’re towards the end of your pregnancy, you’re seated in a zero-gravity chair so that you’re not on your back.

After having their bars run regularly, many women have reported easier pregnancies, shorter labours and faster healing for the body.

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Top 3 Tips for Pregnancy & Birthing with Ease

Jayne Micallef, CDYT & DipHb(KG) | |

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