Pregnancy Class testimonials

Just wanted to let u know that we had a little girl last Friday. She’s perfect! We had a wonderful natural homebirth and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me techniques that got me through the labour to give birth to my little girl naturally with no intervention and no tearing. Through the whole labour I used the up breath as well as affirmation “-as I relax I let go”.I found it very useful going up onto tip toes and back down again through surges, the figure of 8 whilst relaxing. When it came to the second stage, my body did all the work. I did some low deep humming as well as down breath. I pictured opening my pelvis. I also blubbered my lips in between the more intense surges. From start to finish my labour was 24 hours and I’m very thankful for what you taught me that I was able to do it at home without intervention. What an amazing experience!!!
Just to say thank you so much for your classes and the soundcloud! I gave birth to a baby boy on 24 May. I was induced the 2 days before after some repeated reduce fetal movements. It meant that during active labour I was being monitored and had to be on the bed which wasn’t ideal! However I really used the breathing methods and affirmations to help get through. I also found what we’d learnt in class invaluable during the lengthy induction process. I shall be recommending your class to all my future pregnant friends 
Hope you’re well. I won’t be coming to tonight’s class after all… our little baby girl was born (very quickly!) on Saturday evening – 10 days early, and the day after finishing work! I’m so grateful that I was able to have a natural and uncomplicated birth. My contractions started at 9.30am on Saturday. I didn’t think it was labour to begin with – they just felt like constipation pains (not period pains that I’d expected to feel in the early stages). I also didn’t think it could be labour, as the contractions pretty much came five minutes apart from the very beginning – not every 20-30 minutes as I’d expected. After a couple of hours I started to think that perhaps this was labour, but kept telling myself it was probably just braxton hicks! Despite not believing it, I did start very early on to breathe through the surges – thought that it could only help. And it helped massively. I actually also breathed in-between contractions as a way to keep me calm and relaxed throughout the morning, and used affirmations. Within a few hours the contractions were about 3 minutes apart and about 50 seconds long, so we went to the hospital – still half expecting to be told to go back home! By the time I was assessed, I was already 6cm dilated. I was told to expect things to take about another 5-6 hours. But our baby disagreed (it only took another 40 minutes from there!). While waiting for our room to be prepared, the contractions got really strong and close together. I continued to use down-breathing, and also bending slightly over and swaying my hips/using figure of eight, which was really comforting. Oddly, I also felt during the contractions the urge to sway on my toes (the ‘cat walk’ move you showed us). Still in triage, I started to feel an urge to push. Remembering your advice about bottoms up, I got down on hands and knees on the floor, thinking calmly that it was just the baby moving down, but the pressure didn’t ease at all, so I can only assume she’d already passed that stage of the journey. Not long after getting to the birthing suite, my waters broke and the pressure below was immense. Still don’t think the midwives believed me – my partner even had to go and find someone to help! I then asked for gas and air, but was told it was too late as our baby would soon be here. They barely had time to fill up the birthing pool – but I made it into the water in time – and a few contractions later she was here! My over-riding sense of the whole experience was that my body was absolutely the one in control – and it really didn’t need me to do anything (in fact, I felt that there wasn’t much I could do except let it happen, as it was so forceful throughout). I struggled to use the down breaths in the later stage, despite trying very hard – felt like my body was doing what was needed and the pressure/pushing was happening completely on its own. I actually feel that apart from my up-breathing, my body didn’t need me at all! I can’t thank you enough, Jayne, for your classes and all the guidance and support you’ve given. In my early months of pregnancy I was very anxious, and also fearful of labour. Your classes helped enormously to relax me, to help me truly believe that pregnancy and birth are the most natural things in the world, and that “my body knows how to birth my body” – me and my mind just had to get out its way! I had been using affirmations throughout pregnancy and practice at home, and I don’t think it’s a co-incidence that this affirmation was always the one that resonated and reassured me most, and it seems to sum up my baby’s birth so perfectly. My experience also showed me that it’s really true when they say that every pregnancy and birth is different. I was expecting to have my first baby late, and for it to take hours/days. Really do think that the midwives also believed that, and were surprised things progressed so quickly for us. I’m in no doubt that the down-breaths throughout EVERYTHING made things go so smoothly and quickly – and helped to keep me calm (perhaps another reason the midwives seemed quite un-reactive at first). Thank you again Jayne. I really am so very grateful for the way you and your classes helped prepare me, and, I really believe, had such a strong and positive influence over the birth itself (even if things did happen too quickl\yyoga to use any of the other positions!). I could not recommend your hypnobirthing techniques high enough. Your partner birthing class also helped Adam too – and he did an absolutely amazing job at keeping me calm throughout everything, and being the one to talk to the midwives. Unfortunately for him, I actually disliked the massage and touch during contractions (again, goes to show that you’ve just got to listen to your body), but just knowing that he was there for me and doing everything in his power to help me, made the world of difference. The three of us are loving being at home together and getting to know each other. I hope this email and my experience helps the other ladies. Please do wish them all well with their births and babies. Take care, and thanks again.
Wanted to let you know about the arrival of our baby boy! He turned up 5 days early on 18 April , after 5 days of easy early labour contractions – then my waters broke at 11pm and he was here by 3:30am! It was a very quick (and relatively easy) birth! Did lots of yoga and relaxation in the first 5 days, and then breathed the hell out of it after waters broke. I used a tens machine at the beginning – tried gas and air but it made me sick – and so just used the water for relief thereafter. Thank you so much for all your help with yoga and hypnobirthing- it definitely got me through! And kept me calm despite the midwives not believing me and also voicing all their concerns/uncertainties throughout my labour!!!!! They admitted it went quicker than they anticipated so they seemed to be fighting fires rather than being in control! But fortunately my body knew what it was doing and my head let it! Thank you so much again! Would definitely recommend you to all expectant mothers!
She arrived!! I started with you at 20 weeks and carried on because I loved your sessions so much! I hadn’t done yoga before nor had I intended to learn about hypnobirthing but very quickly I was completely engaged in the philosophy and practise you were teaching. I used your breathing and movement techniques daily and my husband even began to join in! We regularly fell asleep to your sound cloud recordings at night and my birth plan was full of your suggestions and ideas. My labour started well and I got to 8cm at home; I ironed and hung curtains, oiled the kitchen surfaces and danced along to the radio! I used a TENs machine initially but once I got to hospital things progressed quickly and I forgot to move it past stage 4! I was active throughout and lunged, squatted and was on all fours. It was tough towards the end! But the breathing we practised was incredibly helpful as were the visualisations. I can’t believe how it felt when she came out, such a magical experience and being a mummy is already the best and most rewarding feeling in the world. Thank you for all your support, I really cannot express how much you helped me throughout my pregnancy and labour, I wish that everyone could come to your sessions! They don’t know what they’re missing out on!
Just letting you know I won’t be at yoga today… we had our little girl a few days early. I had a natural delivery… just used the birthing pool and gas and air. I used a lot of up-breath and ‘bottoms up’ really helped. I’ve really enjoyed your classes, thanks so much for all of your help..
You might have noticed if I was a little out of sorts in yesterday. Turns out, my waters broke during the class (& I didn’t recognise this!) and I went into labour later and had baby boy by 3 am!! Blimey, quite a surprise, very quick, natural, relatively easy, and used our class tips. So thank you very much!
Just wanted to drop you an email to say Thank you!! Our baby girl was born on the 27th December at 6.10 am. She arrived 2 days before due date, and the day before my husbands birthday!  She weighted 8,9. My water broke at 8pm the night before, the surges started at 9.30 pm. So the whole labour to birth was less than 9 hours. It was a natural birth, I had Ruby at home. I used just the upbreath and a tens machine for pretty much the whole birth. It was all so quick- the midwife thought I had longer to go as I was so calm on the phone! She arrived just at the birthing part, so just had gas and air for the last 2 hours.  Giving birth has always been one of my biggest fears in life, as I’ve always heard negative stories. I’m so grateful I found your class online, it’s the first positive birthing experience I’d heard about, it encouraged me to explore more about positive birthing and having a Home birth. I know all the Yoga I’ve done and keeping active till due date ( I cooked everyone Christmas dinner on Christmas Day- 10 people!) have all prepared my body. I’m so glad I joined your class!
Today we welcomed our baby girl into the world! My labour was very long (48 hours) but wonderful. I was using upbreath for all contractions up to the end. It was a natural birth, I spent a lot of time in the pool and gave birth in kneeling position and on one knee egg in the cup next to the pool in a very comfortable “nest”. I used gas and air and was breathing long and slow which helped with surges and put me in the right mindset. I am very grateful for your course. I would not be so calm and relaxed during birth if I did not take the classes. My midwife said that she does not see very often woman with 7cm eating granola bar and laughing around the room. “As I relax I let go” was my aspiration during labour. I wish you a Happy New Year and many more births that you made wonderful by making us believe that we can do it! I hope that all in our class will birth their babies with ease! 

I just wanted to say thank you so so much for the classes. I think they made my pregnancy much more relaxed and birth easier. We gave birth to our baby girl this morning (Dec 26) at home, very smoothly and quickly before the midwife or ambulance could get there (we did have our doula present for the last 40 mins). Whole thing was 6 hours and we were lying in bed for 4 of those. I found the up breath and horsey lips really really helpful. And having practiced positions made that much more instinctive. I was on the toilet for a lot of it and then kneeling with my head resting on the side of the bath. Thanks so much!

I had my little boy on 20th Dec (41+1) I had vaginal birth. I got to 10cm purely using breathing, various positions and being active all the time, plus I used tens machine throughout the whole process. Once I started dilating I got to full dilation in 5 hours. And 1 hour of actual labour baby was born and I couldn’t be more happy, as the moment of giving birth to him was absolutely magical! Also, my partner was amazing during the whole process, doing breathing and positions with me, suggesting what to do next, he really took control of the situation and I was really pleased he fully participated in everything.  Thank you Jayne for your sharing wisdom and support with us throughout this pregnancy, I learnt so much in your class and couldn’t have done it without you!

I have some fantastic news to share our baby girl was born on the 6th December. The birth was very calm and so was my baby I only gas & air was used. The hypnobirthing breathing methods and techniques learnt during class were invaluable. Thank you!

Our daughter was born December 2nd labour was a great experience everything evolved rapidly and our baby girl came in 4 hours (with no interventions or any pain relief). I didn’t have the opportunity to use all the techniques as everything happened at such accelerated pace, but did the ‘hip’ movement to sooth my contractions in the beginning. I made lots of Darth Vader sounds during final stages of labour 😉 The yoga sessions gave me confidence in giving birth in a natural way so thank you so much for the great experience. I felt totally in control, surrendered to the process and followed my instincts.

Thanks for the great workshop on Sunday, my partner came along very skeptical and left seeming very enthusiastic!

Our little boy decided to make a surprise early appearance! I wanted to thank you so much for everything I had learned in the classes. I used so much of it – breathing, poses, positive mantras, and we had a great natural birth with only gas and air. My waters broke before active labour and my husband was abroad so I did the early stages on my own as I was in Brighton! Then when he arrived back and joined me things accelerated beautifully. Thank you so very much!
Just a quick note to let you know that our little baby girl arrived naturally yesterday after a relatively smooth and quick drug-free water birth. All of the techniques you taught us helped so much, in particular the relaxation and affirmations so thank you so much!! I really enjoyed your classes and really appreciate all of your expert advice – if only I’d known all of this last time!
Our little boy was born it was a natural vaginal birth, without perineal damage, forceps or any kind of dramatic intervention. Very happy and empowering. 🙂 Thank you for everything!

Just thought I’d let you know I had my baby today. My surges started around 4am and I visualised the balloons coming towards me and told myself I was grateful for the surge as it meant my baby was coming to me. We called a taxi at 7.45 and she was born at 8.30am! All very quick and no pain relief, just slow breathing and positive thinking!! Thank you so much for the tips and tools to get me through it”

Our baby boy was born on Monday 21st August weighing 3.670 kg by c-section. The techniques I learnt with you helped me to cope with the surges and to focus during the c-section. I’d like to thank you for the amazing classes; I enjoyed each one of them!”

Just to let you know our baby arrived at 7.26pm on Thursday last week in the evening 3 days after being induced (I was diagnosed with OC so they brought things forward). It was a long 3 days and not quite how we planned it being an induction, but the hypnobirthing really helped to get us through it – the music and visualisations really helped me to relax during the process whilst we waited for my waters to break. And in fact it was after lunch on Wednesday afternoon that my husband did your script with me, and I fell asleep listening to the hypnobirthing music that 1 hour later I woke because my waters had broken! Definitely had made me relax! I then had 18 hours of intense surges overnight and every time one happened I did the breathing techniques you taught and my husband did the visualisations with me too which was incredibly helpful to focus my mind. I had a TENS machine too, and the combination worked well for me. Unfortunately I hadn’t progressed very well After the 18 hours so we went ahead with the hormone drip and epidural, and again, even though this wasn’t what we hoped the hypnobirthing was amazingly helpful at keeping me calm and helping me to go with the flow during the process. Especially after not having slept for over 30 hours and feeling anxious about the interventions! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that all is well and how great the hypnobirthing was in getting us all through it in a calm and peaceful way as possible. It was so lovely to meet you! And I really appreciate all the support and guidance you gave us over the Past few months. Huge thank you”

Just to let you know that our baby girl was born on Sunday 6th August weighing 8lb 8oz. The classes were really helpful, I used the techniques in the first stage of labour on Sunday morning (I was doing a puzzle and had breakfast between contractions). My waters broke at 12pm and I took 2 paracetamols to get through the hospital drive.  I arrived at hospital at 12:30pm and I was assessed after delays about 1pm. I was wheeled to the delivery ward and my baby arrived within 14 minutes 1:24pm. I found the second stage of labour more difficult, I think because everything happened so fast and I’d ended up in a bed; the midwife was telling me to breathe and not push I did remember all of your reasoning behind this. However, I was discharged in time for dinner on Sunday evening! Thank you for your lovely classes and should I conceive baby number 3 in the future, I hope to see you again.

Just wanted to say how much we both enjoyed the birth prep workshop, it was incredibly helpful – and the materials and advice you gave my partner have really helped him feel much more confident about his role during birth, and the practical things he can do to help during the process. Thank you again!

Our little boy decided that he was going to come early (after 48 hrs of a slow leak of the waters) and so was delivered last night by c section 7lb 13 ozs (37 weeks + 6 days). Just wanted to say thank you for the yoga, it was incredibly helpful staying calm in the theatre. Particularly when they were doing the spinal block which was the bit when nerves really kicked in, it also helped being able to curve my back due to the yoga and this meant the block went in first time. The hehehehe breathing was great to get me focused and was then able to calm down and breathe normally and deeply. The birth was a lovely calm affair with my husband sat beside me. Our baby has been one of the calmest on the labour ward and I really put that down to being able to be relaxed and calm for the birth / post birth, which the yoga helped with greatly. Thank you!

Our little boy was born on 4th July 7.8lbs (not so small after all!) I spent quite a long time in latent labour at home (I was listening to your music, focusing on my breathing and listening to the guided relaxations). I found walking and doing the figure of 8 with my hips very helpful and relaxing. By the time I got to the hospital I was 7cm dilated and it was straight to the birthing pool. I spent a good couple of hours in the pool and all was going well until my waters broke and the midwife became concerned there was meconium in my waters. My plan changed significantly – although I was fully dilated my contractions slowed (as we know because of the stress of being told there was an issue). I ended up in the labour ward and baby was born by ventouse. I did manage to avoid any drugs just using gas and air. We’re happy to be home, safe and well. Your class was truly invaluable to me. Thank you for all your support and kindness.

Our little girl arrived on Saturday 17th June at 8Ibs 9oz after a 13 hour labour start to finish!! She was born in the birthing pool at the midwife led unit in our hospital using gas & air and it was the most empowering, magical and amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life! I went into labour at 1am on Saturday morning and by the time the sun rose the surges were getting stronger and closer together. I spent the next few hours plugged up to my TENS machine and doing various poses we did in class and my favourite took me all the way to her birth. I used all of the affirmations we did in class. By the time we got to hospital at 12pm I was 6cm. My waters broke around 1:30pm (things happened super quick!), I got into the birthing pool then and minutes later my body pushed baby out before I even knew what was happening. I felt so present during her birth and to be able to have such a perfect and magical first birth is something I always dreamt about and something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you for helping to make this the most perfect experience and memory. It was the best day of my life and I’ve been raving to all my friends about it – now they just need to have babies too and come to your classes haha!

Our little girl was born on 8 June at 6:24 am natural labour. Doing the classes definitely helped me, active labour was 3, 5 hours in total. I did one of the yoga kneeling poses to our baby into the world! The breathing and visualisations definitely helped through the surges. Thank you!

Just wanted to say I’m loving the class (again), it’s helped me so much already, mainly in connecting with the new baby as I’ve found it really hard to find the time to do that with a busy life and a 2-year-old! I almost didn’t sign up again as it’s a night I don’t see my little one but I’m so glad I did! I think it’s so good for my new baby!! Thank you”

Thank you for your email and your kind wishes to me as well as the relaxation mp3’s and music links. I’ve using the relaxation exercises in the last few days.  I’m taking the music with me to the birth to help remind me of the yoga we did in class. I will also think of the ‘go with the flow’ and ‘my body knows how to birth my baby’ to help me stay calm during the birth. I really enjoyed your class and had been my anchor in the week to help keep me focused on the baby and birth and all the experiences to come soon. Thank you for introducing yoga to me- I’ve never done yoga before so the class was a new experience for me. I can definitely feel the benefits and I hope to continue with yoga in the future…

I gave birth to a baby boy on Monday 27th Feb at 03:16 am weighing 6lbs7. It all went okay and we are both doing well. Thanks for your amazing classes the breathing techniques worked well during labour and also exercised while in the early stages of labour…

Our little boy was born on the winter solstice at 3 minutes past midnight, weighing 8lbs. He was born in the pool (in his sac!) and I somehow and unintentionally got to 7cm dilated at home using birthing ball, tens machine and breathing techniques. I think coming to your yoga and hypnobirth classes gave me such a great basis to prepare mentally and give birth trusting my body and my baby to do what they needed to do in their own time.

Just a quick email to let you know our baby boy arrived yesterday born in his water sack in the birthing pool, 9 days overdue. Not slept much as was too happy but wanted you to know it was a wonderful experience. I was starting to lose hope as never been overdue and the medicalised ward really wanted to induce. We refused but agreed to four sweeps all in all and nothing! Baby came in his own sweet time the day before induction and he is happy and healthy. Hardest pregnancy in many ways but easiest labour and I made the birthing pool woohoo! Husband was fantastic and so were midwives and I was so pleased to avoid the delivery ward. Thanks for your pep talks. Gave me the confidence to trust my body and breath work rather than pushing, I needed only two stitches this time compared to previous births…

On the 19th August at exactly 38 weeks my waters broke at 4.30am. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I wasn’t panicked or scared I was excited and relieved, I had really wanted a natural birth with my waters breaking naturally and it was a great feeling. My midwife from the homebirth team came to check for the heartbeat and make sure all was well because of the extra fluid my cord might have been at risk of rupture. She rang the hospital for us so they would be expecting us. The contractions started a few minutes later and seemed to get stronger quite quickly. We had to quickly re pack my hospital bag as we wasn’t quite prepared. After dropping my son to my mum and dad’s we arrived at Mayday at 6am and I was 7cm! In the car I had kept my eyes closed and focused on my breathing and pictured the balloons, even imagining you taking to me as if I were in the class. I used my husband to lean against during a contraction, he liked feeling like a he had a ‘job’. When we got to the labour room I asked for gas and air, a midwife from the homebirth team arrived and stayed with us which was nice as the hospital staff were too clinical. I listened to my body and was on the bed in the squatting position which was more comfortable, the while time I just focused on my breathing and making sure I only took gas during a contraction. I felt way more in control and focused. Our little girl arrived at 7.44am weighing 8.6lbs. She needed help to breathe at first but all was fine. So it all happened very quickly in just under 3 and a half hours. I felt so proud and euphoric after that I had coped so well and stayed focused, my mum was amazed and couldn’t believe the difference. I feel I achieved a positive birth experience that I can look back on fondly. Thank you for all your help, your classes were so helpful and I missed them over the summer…

Just a quick note to say thank you and to let you know that our daughter was born on 20th August. I used lots of the relaxation techniques you taught us for very early labour. These were so effective (particularly the attitude of “each contraction brings me closer to meeting my baby”) and made the first stage really manageable. Things sped up after that and my daughter was born ridiculously quickly nearly arriving on my bathroom floor before an ambulance dash to hospital. She was fine and I was fine so we’re all happy! Thanks for the fabulous classes. I’m going to miss them!

I’m very happy to let you know that we had a baby girl she is healthy and I am feeling fine. The birth went really well. Thank you for all the beneficial yoga and positive messages! I had a natural birth no pain relief. I used lots of Ahhh noises to let out the ‘energy’ (not calling it pain!!) of the contractions. I also kept thinking, ok one is coming it’s intense but will only last one minute I can handle that. I used the breathing you taught us, to be light in the first stage, and breathing out to be grounded in the second stage. The mantras you gave us are very powerful, I kept thinking in my head and also said aloud a few times: My body knows how to birth my little baby and As I relax I let go. These were really great for keeping away fear, for enabling trust in the body’s instinctual ability – and empowering me to believe I could do this!The pushing was hard work but I thought this is my role to give birth to my baby. I could give up and ask for help (intervention) but I want to do my absolute best to give birth. Thanks again for everything Jayne!

Wish I’d read up on hypnobirthing for first baby. The slow breathing was incredibly helpful – I used no pain relief this time (last time I used tens machine). I was relaxed and just tried to conserve my energy throughout. I felt so happy about not “pushing” this time as that exhausted me last time. J breathing was also great 🙂 in the end she was born on a mat next to the birthing pool, she shot out so fast I didn’t even make it into the water! Was extremely lucky she didn’t pop out during the walk from the car into the hospital. The midwife checked me and said I was 6cm dilated but Frankie was born just 10mins later. Home birth would’ve been nice but wasn’t an option due to living just outside the area covered by hospital midwives.

Just a note to say thanks for all the pre pregnancy support: Our little boy arrived safely with gas and air only at a whopping 9lbs! It was a really quick and straight forward labour. The preparation definitely played a pivotal role in how things progressed as my frame of mind was calm and accepting to the extent that the community midwife and then the midwife in hospital both didn’t believe I was in labour until they examined me! Please pass this on to the ladies in your class: listen to Jayne! Enjoy the techniques, practice the relaxation and definitely commit to the affirmations, they will be running through your mind during your labour instead of any other thoughts. Go with it and you’ll be done in no time and cuddling your new arrival!

Just wanted to let you and the class know that our little girl arrived this morning! Whilst I forgot all the visualisations, I remembered the principle of relaxing and the breathing. Managed with just gas and air in the pool which surprised me. I also didn’t need to push until she was halfway out and a bit stuck – so with one push she was born, and didn’t even cry. She’s very chilled out, and I didn’t need stitches despite her 3kg and emerging with her hand on her face. I’m sure the techniques from attending the class had lodged themselves into my subconscious. I certainly wasn’t very good at home practice or listening to the hypnobirthing CDs in my spare time…

I wanted to let you know that I had the most amazing birth experience and that the classes played a huge role in making that possible. I had to be induced at 39 weeks for gestational diabetes and after days of slow release hormones not much had happened. I then had my waters broken manually and was started on synthetic oxitocin. This is supposed to produce a more intense, hard-to-handle labour and the midwife said that about 99% of ladies need an epidural. I stuck to my visualisations and I felt brilliant throughout. I pictured feathers floating up and swirling overhead and also bubbles which lifted me into the sky. I was pretty spaced but also very happy as I could feel that my body knew what to do. When it came to pushing I used my deep ‘ugh’ breath and he came out quickly and easily. I was so welcoming of the contractions that I wanted them to last longer! All in all it was a really magical few hours and I really want to say thank you. Your class really helped me to be prepared physically and mentally.

I birthed my daughter naturally with only gas and air and used the breathing exercises I learnt in class, active labour was only 4 hours which the midwife was amazed with for a first baby especially as I was induced too. Thank you for your support over the last few months the classes really helped me to focus my breathing and most importantly to relax and rest in between contractions to ensure you have the energy for the next one!!’

Attending classes gave me a most positive pregnancy and birth. I had a natural delivery using the breathing, massage and energy conserving techniques from class. Even the Midwives commented on how calm I was!’

I attended classes because I like yoga and wanted something to help me relax & feel energised; I didn’t expect it to help in labour, but it really did. I had a bit of a stressful time – my son was nearly two months premature – but without even thinking about it, the positions and the mindset kicked in and I felt much better able to be the ‘out of controlness’ than I think I would have done otherwise. So thank you!’

I think one of the best things about the class is  the opportunity to really get in touch with body and baby – I certainly felt on the first day of your classes that it was the first moment I actually felt pregnant in a spiritual rather than a physiological sense. It was the first time I felt that I could shut everything else out and be alone to connect with my bump – it was an amazing feeling.’

I had a beautiful birth, such a wonderful memory and I know the majority of that was due to your great pregnancy class and support. I had only one paracetamol and a relatively short birth, after which was amazing. I used your tips and ensured I followed my bodies lead. The home practice mp3 worked wonders in helping me get into my own birth zone. Thank you Jayne!’

Just wanted to say thank you Jayne for your fabulous classes. They were great for relaxation in the weeks before the birth and I used the breathing and the ‘I can do this’ affirmation during labour. My son was a big baby (9lb 12oz!) but I’m so proud to have had him just with gas & air and he came in just over 5 hours.’

I can truly say the expansive techniques, breathing and affirmations you taught in class really helped me. I highly recommend this class.’

This really helped my energy levels and calmness especially in the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy. My baby’s due today and I feel great!’

Just to let you know we had a lovely baby boy. It was a fairly quick labour and I used a birthing pool along with your breathing techniques and recommended positions they really helped. I loved your classes…. thank you’

Thank you so much for your amazing yoga classes. The breathing and visualisation really helped me to be calm and cope with my labor and birth. It was a magical time for baby, my husband and I we were all so connected.’

I wanted to say thanks for running such a great class. I really think it has helped get me in the right state, both physically and mentally, for the kind of birth I would like to have and I’ll certainly be continuing to practice while I wait for baby to come and will be making good use of the breathing and relaxation techniques during my labour. Thank you!”

Breathing and massage techniques worked a treat. Thanks loads for the tips in the classes!’

This class has a feel good factor it gave me a real chance to relax a great moment of peace and focus in my week.’

I wasn’t too sure what to expect at first the class helped me to relax, raise my awareness of the impact breathing and relaxation have on birth. It really has helped prepare me for labour – a most enjoyable class.

My labour was very quick for me (under 3 hours) … It was over before I had even realised it had begun so I didn’t get much chance to use many of the techniques I learnt at your classes. However, I have found the yoga moves and relaxation techniques very useful in the time since baby’s birth. There are plenty of things to be anxious about and I have found utilising breathing techniques and simple moves helpful in helping me to relax and remain calm.

I had the most incredible birth at home entirely drug free thanks to the breathing, visualisations from the class mp3 and instinct. Squatting was very helpful too as was my fabulous supportive husband who let me lean on him squeeze his hand and he massaged my back. The midwives commented on how good my breathing was and it really did help me avoid the drugs. Can’t wait to get back for my first yoga class in a few months-time!’

Wish I’d read up on hypnobirthing for first baby. The slow breathing was incredibly helpful – I used no pain relief this time (last time I used tens machine). I was relaxed and just tried to conserve my energy throughout. I felt so happy about not “pushing” this time as that exhausted me last time. J breathing was also great  in the end she was born on a mat next to the birthing pool, she shot out so fast I didn’t even make it into the water! Was extremely lucky she didn’t pop out during the walk from the car into the hospital. The midwife checked me and said I was 6cm dilated but Frankie was born just 10 mins later. Home birth would’ve been nice but wasn’t an option due to living just outside the area covered by hospital midwives.’

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