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Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy Yoga Class

Young pregnant women doing pelvic floor exercise

Pregnancy yoga with some hypnobirthing techniques

This nurturing yoga practice for expectant mums combines some effective hypnobirthing techniques. Designed to give you more comfort with the emotional and physical changes that take place during the second and third trimester, it can help you focus, learn ‘how to’ use your breathing to remain calm, and, best of all, learn to relax. There is no previous experience necessary to enjoy this class. Find out more

‘I birthed my daughter naturally with only gas and air and used the breathing exercises I learnt in class, active labour was only 4 hours which the midwife was amazed with for a first baby especially as I was induced too. Thank you for your support over the last few months the classes really helped me to focus my breathing and most importantly to relax and rest in between contractions to ensure you have the energy for the next one!!’ more happy mums

Couples Hypnobirthing Course

“The weekly sessions have completely turned my life around and how I deal with things on a day-to-day basis, particularly relating to family and relationship issues"

Birthing partners have an important role in supporting women in labour. This Hypnobirthing course will simplify things as we get straight to what is required to help prepare you for the birth of your baby and give your birthing partner a chance to get involved and be there for you. Find out more

‘Wish I’d read up on hypnobirthing for first baby. The slow breathing was incredibly helpful – I used no pain relief this time (last time I used tens machine). I was relaxed and just tried to conserve my energy throughout. I felt so happy about not “pushing” this time as that exhausted me last time. My breathing was also great  in the end she was born on a mat next to the birthing pool, she shot out so fast I didn’t even make it into the water!’ more happy mums

Hypnobirthing: A transformative journey of joy and empowerment!

kg hypnobirthing courseEmbark on an extraordinary adventure with our Hypnobirthing course or workshop, tailored for couples seeking a harmonious and empowering birthing experience.

Discover the art of relaxation, inner strength, and the incredible connection between mind, body, and baby.

Embrace the power of positive birthing and uncover a world where fear is replaced with confidence and anticipation transforms into excitement. Immerse yourselves in evidence-based techniques, where breath becomes a guide, and the mind becomes an ally.

Hypnobirthing empowers you to create your desired birthing experience with a sense of control and serenity.

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