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Daily Practice

Daily Practice

Restore balance lengthen muscles and increase range of motion in your pregnant body to make space for baby’s best birth position. And start preparing your mind and body for a calm and confident birth.

Move for energy

Be moderate and mindful. A regular, gentle movement like walking and stretches may ease pain, improve digestion and elimination, or increase energy.

Stretch for comfort

Stretching out every day is good for circulation, metabolism, and comfort. Each day, release tight muscles from your feet up and your head down. As above so below; so relax your jaw, loosen your neck and open your shoulders. Try these exercises!

Before you start!

These exercises are a great addition to the class and can be done by all healthy women. These are the activities that could be done daily.

Consult your health provider before starting these or any exercise activities.


Open the chest and add a gentle neck stretch. Breath in deep and exhale deep too.

If you're holding tension in the neck and jaw you can also try going for a brisk walk to help release.



Move your arms and shoulders in many directions throughout the day.

And do the windmill to release the shoulders and create space for baby. Breathe while you play.



Open up the shoulders, stretch back muscles and create space for baby. You can sway from side to side if it feels comfortable to do so.

Do not overextend your neck keep your ears level with your arms.



Free the sacrum, lengthen hamstrings and psoas with this forward lunge. Repeat 6 times on each leg.

This will release tension and help prepare muscles for birth.



If you're sitting during the day this hamstring stretch will keep your back happy.

Keep chest upright, hold the stretch 30 to 60 seconds whilst breathing deeply to release tension.



This stretch will help create comfort with the sciatic nerve keep your back straight and fold forward, hold the position for 30 to 60 seconds whilst breathing.

Repeat on the other leg.



Another great stretch for the sciatic nerve and to release tension in the lower back.

Keep back straight and lean slightly forward to increase the stretch. Breath in deep and exhale deeply.





A deep squat is strengthening and your colon and your perineum will appreciate it! Come up into your toes then go down into your squat remember to breathe.

Be mindful of your abilities when you squat. Brace yourself on a trusted surface. Take responsibility for your ability and be safe.

Do 5 daily for strength and stamina.

Warning: Do not do this if you have a low lying placenta.



A pelvic tilt is excellent when the lower back is tired or achy, or the hips are stiff.

Start with your hands under your shoulders, knees under your hips. Knees are not touching.

Focus on your lower back. Lift your lower back. Flatten your back again. Use up breath, in as you come up and out as you stretch.

Add your squeezes for a healthier pelvic floor and abdominals.

Do 20 daily for comfort without squeezes and 10 daily with squeezes.



Bottoms up helps the ligaments relax, creating space for baby. Helps with insomnia and will help give you a good nights sleep.

Can help move a low lying placenta.

When in position, use your up-breath.

Do this daily in the evening.

Warning: do not do this if you have high blood pressure or very, very low blood pressure. If you feel dizzy at any time, do not do this.



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