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Nutrients in Pregnancy

nutrients in pregnancy

The Consequence of Missing Nutrients in Pregnancy

It’s essential that a woman going through pregnancy take the right kind of nutrition, not just the synthetic type but the food that’s essential to a healthy growing baby. One of my favourite video’s is from Dr Berg you can view this here, and I’ve taken a snapshot of what foods he recommends you can see this shown in black on the image below.

nutrients during pregnancy

The dreaded cramp!

Cramp is often a sign of magnesium and/or potassium deficiency. During exercise, it is magnesium and any other time its potassium. You can rectify this by adding more leafy greens to your diet Kale, and banana smoothies are a great way to get that instant boost.  I’ve had lots of mums do this, and it stopped cramping!

Easy recipe

1 handful of organic kale (you can keep this in the freezer)

Half a banana (or berries)

Milk or water

Blend it!!

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