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New to Yoga

Looking to start yoga?

Each Joyful Body Yoga class offers doable yoga that will inspire and motivate you to enjoy getting onto the mat with plenty of instruction and modifications for those of you who are new to yoga.

The result: You’ll cultivate a consistent practice that you can carry with you for years to come, plus the healthy mind-body connection that comes with it!

Here’s some frequently asked questions you may find useful to help you choose the class for you;

Yoga is a science that has evolved over centuries although it means something different to each person it is rooted in oneness or returning to the Source. Throughout history, it has been split into various “schools” focusing on different aspects of yoga. Each branch is of the same ‘oneness’ tree. Yoga means union.

Our yoga classes teach breath and yogic postures to help maintain a healthy spine helping to strengthen the nervous and glandular systems. Each class can help one become aware of much more than just the strength of the body. It helps to facilitate a change physically and emotionally. Practitioners leave class with a deeper connection to their bodies, muscular flexibility, strength, relaxation, concentration, and overall well-being and health.

Yoga is all about being connected, creating a sense of harmony with your body, whilst developing both strength and flexibility.

Whether you are young or old, big or small, male or female Yoga is an excellent choice to stay fit and healthy for all manner of reasons some of which are detailed below;

Physical benefits:

  • Yoga helps create a toned, flexible and strong body
  • Improves respiration, energy and vitality
  • Helps to maintain a healthy metabolism
  • Promotes cardio and circulatory health
  • Can even help you look and feel younger
  • Improves your athletic performance

Mental benefits:

  • Yoga helps you relax and be more at ease with the stresses and strains of modern life
  • Teaches you how to rest your mind so you can access your energy more efficiently
  • Encourages positive thoughts and self-acceptance

Personal Growth benefits:

  • Yoga gives you greater awareness of your own needs and how to be less responsive in the world around you.

Check out our blog post on – How to choose the right yoga class for you

Almost everyone can benefit from practicing yoga. Those who are weak or recovering from illness can become stronger, and healthy people can reinforce their immune system. Classes are suitable for men and women, size and flexibility does not matter as different variations are given along with a good warm-up to ensure everybody gets the best out of their session.

If you’re unsure which class to choose you can make contact and we will help you select the right class to suit you.

Joyful body provides experienced teaching that you can use for the rest of your life. We are dedicated to meeting our students’ needs; from an everyday practice, to preparing for one special day, such as birth. Read why choose Joyful Body?

Find out what others are saying testimonials

Yoga is not a religion at all. It is a science of the breath and movement. It gives you more conscious awareness of being you instead of seeking outside yourself for the answers.

You do need to practice on an empty stomach. It is recommended that you do not eat at least 3 hours before practice. If a special condition prevents this, eat easily digested foods, i.e. fruit or yogurt one hour before class.

Entering classes late is disturbing to others. If you do arrive a few minutes, last please enter as slowly and quietly as you can. Please remember to turn off your mobile phone before entering class. Many thanks.

You are most welcome to bring your own mat. However, mats, blocks and blankets are provided, all you need to do is wear clothing you can move comfortably in and bring a bottle of water.

When you book your course, you commit to practice and reserve a mat for the whole term.

Payments for missed classes or workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable. This includes illness, work, family, transport strikes, bad weather, holidays, missed classes or any other reasons.

Our classes tend to fill quickly we often do not have enough space to accommodate taster sessions. A chargeable drop-in arrangement may be possible – space permitting. Please call Jayne on 07958 296 647

To experience classes you can also attend a Saturday class.

We provide regular updates and discounted offers to those who have subscribed to our mailing list. Make contact to subscribe.

Visit our class Schedule & Fees to choose the class you would like to attend. Secure your booking by completing the online booking form. You can pay by paypal or bank transfer – details emailed directly on receipt of your completed booking form.

On receipt of your payment, we will email a full confirmation of your booking. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call Jayne on 07958 296 647

When you book your course, you commit to practice and reserve a mat for the whole term.

Payments for missed classes or workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable. This includes illness, work, family, transport strikes, bad weather, holidays, missed classes or any other reasons.

Note that books are not secure until payment has been received.

New to Yoga |

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