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Mental Wellness: Access Bars and its Transformative Benefits

mental wellness

Mental Wellness: taking care of you with Access Bars

In today's fast-paced world, mental health has become a critical concern. With stress, anxiety, and various other pressures taking a toll on individuals' well-being, there's a growing need for effective solutions that promote inner peace and balance. One such solution gaining attention is Access Bars, a gentle hands-on technique that facilitates more ease, joy, and abundance in life. In this blog post, we delve into Access Bars and its profound benefits for mental health, inviting individuals to explore its transformative potential.

What are the Access Bars?

Access Bars is a holistic modality developed by Gary Douglas in the 1990s. It involves lightly touching 32 points on the head, which correspond to different areas and aspects of life. These points, when gently touched, initiate a release of electromagnetic charge associated with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This process allows the body and mind to relax deeply, releasing limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and emotional baggage.

Access Bars and its Transformative Benefits

One of the many benefits of Access Bars is the instant ability to reduce stress and anxiety. By clearing the mind of clutter and tension, individuals often experience a profound sense of relaxation and calmness. This relaxation response triggers the body's natural healing mechanisms, promoting mental clarity and emotional stability.

  • Access Bars can be effective in alleviating symptoms of depression. By releasing stuck energy and negative emotions stored in the body, individuals often feel lighter and more optimistic. The gentle touch and energy work involved in Access Bars for mental wellness can uplift mood and restore a sense of hope and well-being.
  • Access Bars can enhance mental clarity and focus. Many individuals report experiencing improved concentration and cognitive function following an Access Bars session. By clearing mental fog and enhancing neural pathways, Access Bars can support individuals in making clearer decisions and finding creative solutions to challenges.
  • Access Bars also promote better sleep quality. As stress and mental chatter dissipate, individuals often find it easier to relax and have a deeper sleep. By facilitating deeper rest and relaxation, Access Bars for mental wellness can help individuals feel refreshed and rejuvenated with a renewed sense of energy and vitality.
  • Access Bars foster greater self-awareness and emotional resilience. Through the process of releasing limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns, individuals gain insight into their thought processes and behaviours. This increased self-awareness empowers individuals to make conscious choices, leading to greater fulfilment and satisfaction in life.
  • Access Bars offers a holistic approach to mental wellness, addressing the root causes of stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. Its gentle yet powerful technique can bring about profound transformations in individuals' lives, promoting greater peace, joy, and abundance.

If you're intrigued by the potential of Access Bars for mental wellness and well-being, consider attending a practitioner training. Becoming a certified Access Bars practitioner not only allows you to experience the benefits firsthand but also enables you to share this transformative modality with others.

Whether you're seeking relief from overthinking, stress and anxiety or looking to deepen your awareness, Access Bars for mental wellness offers a pathway to greater mental clarity, emotional balance, and overall well-being. Take the first step towards mental wellness and embrace a life of greater ease, joy, and abundance with Access Bars.

Access Bars Practitioner Training

If you're passionate about mental wellness and empowering others on their journey towards greater well-being, consider becoming an Access Bars practitioner.

Through practitioner training, you'll not only deepen your understanding of this powerful modality but also gain the tools and techniques to facilitate positive change in the lives of others. Join a training and start spreading joy, peace, and abundance worldwide.

Take the leap and embark on a rewarding journey towards personal growth and transformation. Your decision to become an Access Bars practitioner could catalyse a brighter, more fulfilling future—for yourself, your family and your clients.


Jayne Micallef, CFMW & Coach

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