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hypnobirthing course or workshop

Course or Workshop? What should I choose?

I'm often asked the difference between the Hypnobirthing course and the Calm Birth workshop.

Here's some info you may find useful to help you choose what's best for you.

The Calm Birth Workshop (2.5 hrs)

The Calm Birth workshop is open to couples seeking inspiration for a calm and confident birth. During this 2.5-hour practical workshop, we get straight to practising effective hypnobirthing and yoga techniques you can use in labour. Its empowering and inspirational and compliments any other antenatal course.

If you are attending the weekly pregnancy yoga class I highly recommend combining this workshop to get your partner involved.

You can find out more about this here;

The KG Hypnobirthing Course (10 hrs over 2 weekends)

The KG Hypnobirthing course is a complete antenatal preparation which guides you to achieve the birth you want - for you and for your baby. This inspirational approach will inspire you with the possibility of a beautiful, peaceful and calm birth.

It is far more than just a few techniques you use in labour.  It is a signpost for your route through pregnancy and birth that makes a profound difference to the experience of giving birth for you – and, possibly even more importantly, for your baby.

Hypnobirthing enables women to work with their body, which is naturally designed for birth. confidence for a natural birth process. This birthing education course is fast becoming the preferred choice by couples and highly recommended by midwives.

Its empowering and highly informative and compliments any other antenatal course.

You can find out more about this here;

If you have any questions please do give me a call 07958 296 647 or pop over an email ♥



Jayne Micallef

CDYT & DipHb(KG)
Yoga & Hypnobirthing Classes, Workshops & Courses
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