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Breakthrough Boost Your Reiki Business with Access Bars

boost your reiki business

Elevate Success with Access Bars and Boost Your Reiki Business

Becoming a Certified Access Bars Practitioner can be a valuable addition to boost your Reiki business, providing you with a broader range of healing techniques and potentially attracting a wider clientele.

Here are some ways in which being certified in Access Bars can help boost your reiki business:

1. Diversify Your Services: Multiple healing modalities can attract clients with varying needs and preferences. While Reiki focuses on channelling energy, Access Bars involve gentle touch on specific points on the head to release limiting beliefs and thought patterns. By providing both services, you can cater to a broader audience.

2. Holistic Approach: Offering Reiki and Access Bars allows you to take a more holistic approach to healing. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances, while Access Bars targets mental patterns and beliefs. Together, they can offer a more comprehensive healing experience.

3. Enhanced Effectiveness: Some clients may find a combination of Reiki and Access Bars more effective for their specific issues. Access Bars can help clear mental blockages and limiting beliefs that might hinder their progress in Reiki healing.

4. Competitive Advantage: Being certified in multiple healing modalities can set you apart from competitors offering only one energy healing type. Clients looking for a well-rounded healing experience may be more inclined to choose your services.

5. Personal Growth: Learning how to boost your reiki business with Access Bars can also benefit you personally by enhancing your self-awareness and spiritual growth. This personal development can positively impact your ability to help others in Reiki and Access Bars sessions.

6. Networking Opportunities: Attending Access Bars training and events can introduce you to a new community of healers and potential clients. Networking with other practitioners can lead to collaborations and referrals.

7. Increased Income Potential: Offering multiple services may increase your income. You can charge separately for Reiki and Access Bars sessions or offer combination packages, providing more pricing options for your clients.

8. Client Education: As a practitioner trained in Reiki and Access Bars, you can educate your clients about the benefits of each technique and how they can work together synergistically to promote healing and personal growth.

9. Flexibility: Having skills in both Reiki and Access Bars gives you flexibility in tailoring your sessions to meet each client’s unique needs. You can customize the combination of techniques based on their goals and preferences.

10. Positive Feedback: As clients experience the benefits of both Reiki and Access Bars, they are likely to provide positive testimonials and referrals, helping to grow your client base.

Boost Your Reiki Business Attend a One-day Training

Learning Access Bars with a certified facilitator is essential for;

  1. Proper Instruction: Certified facilitators have undergone specific training to teach Access Bars effectively. They are equipped with knowledge and experience to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and provide valuable insights.
  2. Energetic Awareness: Access Bars is an energy healing technique. Certified facilitators can communicate with an energetic awareness, which is essential for effective Bars sessions. They can teach you how to perceive and work with energy flows.
  3. Understanding the Philosophy: Access Bars is not just about the physical process of touching points on the head; it also encompasses a particular way of being. Certified facilitators can help you understand the underlying principles, such as letting go of limitations and expanding consciousness.
  4. Personalised Guidance: Everyone’s experience with Access Bars can be unique. Certified facilitators can offer personalised guidance based on your specific needs, intentions, and experiences. They can help you tailor your practice to achieve your desired outcomes.

Access Bars is one of the many techniques from Access Consciousness and is fast becoming a popular choice for Reiki Practitioners and Masters.

What else is possible for you and for your business with Access Bars? I would love to show you… 


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