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Birthing Partner Tips

cropped-slider21.jpgWhat tips would you give a birthing partner?

The following birthing partner tips are from a group of 15 women who had given birth in the past 2 to 4 months.
  1. Don’t talk during contractions
  2. Don’t take anything she say’s personal
  3. Be gentle, kind and keep calm
  4. Expect the unexpected
  5. Don’t talk about food (go for sneaky snacks)
  6. Keep it light, maintain a ‘can do’ attitude and sense of humour
  7. Consider ‘back up’ for breaks
  8. Be involved in creating the birthing plan and be in charge of this during labour
  9. Be her champion be prepared to ask and answer questions on her behalf
  10. Know what’s packed in what bag
  11. Know the breathing techniques she is using and keep her on track even if she has a c-section
  12. Know that ‘you can’ ask for the midwife to be changed
Birthing can be a magical time – are you willing to be the contribution?
Jayne Micallef |
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