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Access Bars® Class

All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy & Glory!®

Expand Your Business and Your Skill Set. Learn the Access Bars®

The Access Bars® is a hands-on technique that can give you more ease with creating a different possibility. Giving you a dynamic set of tools to expand and create ease in every area of your life and business.

There are no pre-requisites for this Access Bars® cert. training it is suitable for Business professionals, Creators, Teachers, Counsellors, Healers, Coaches, Health Practitioners, Therapists, Parents, beauticians, masseuses, and body-workers or for friends who may like to run this on each other.

Learn Access Bars® in just a day!

What would your life be like without limitation?

More happiness and flow in life

Dramatic reduction in stress

A greater sense of inner-peace and tranquility

Improved mental, emotional and physical well-being

Heightened sense of self and better connection with the universal energy

Increased confidence and self-esteem

Greater ease with receiving and having money

More ease with creation

Better, more restful and refreshing sleep

Would you like to learn how?

No prior bodywork or massage therapy experience is necessary to learn and successfully practice the Bars. You can even learn with a friend or two so you can gift and receive the benefits of this dynamic process on a weekly basis. And if you are already a therapist the Access Bars® can be a wonderful compliment to your existing modality.

What occurs in class?

The Access Bars® class is a full day practical hands-on class in which participants learn the Bars points and participate in gifting two Bars sessions and receiving two Bars sessions. You learn how to give a Bars session and become a Access Bars® practitioner. You can use it to assist family and friends or professionally anyone can learn and you can’t do it wrong.

Questions that are often addressed in class include:

What are the Bars?

How can I tell if the Bars are running?

How do I find the Bars Points?

What does running Bars change?

How can I use Bars with my kids and my family?

What can Bars change in my business?

What can Bars change with my relationships?

You can also ask any questions you have!

What is included?

The class includes the Access Bars® Manual and a Access Bars® Practitioner Certificate, generative questions and lots of practice.

Would you like to learn? Attend a class or host a class and learn with family and friends?

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Jayne Micallef

CFMW, Access Bars Facilitator, Access Facelift Facilitator & Access Body Process Facilitator
Contact 07958 296 647 Email

Jayne, I am so grateful I found you and was able to get to your Access Bars class. My creativity is through the ROOF today. Amazing things are just coming to me. I feel awesome. You taught me so much…

Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday! Really looking forward to running the bars on friends and getting into the flow. I really appreciate your skilled training – thank you once again. How does it get any better than this?”

Learning Bars has changed my life!  It’s one of my best investments I’ve made in a long time.”

Peace & Calm with Access Bars®

I offer access bars LONDONAccess Bars® clears overwhelm and intensities allowing a sense of peace and calm in your mind and body. Highly recommended for any family with young children as this will dissipate the build-up of thoughts, feelings and emotions that often occur within a family unit.

In addition, other benefits include feeling happier, a dramatic reduction in stress, a greater sense of peace and improved confidence. Especially relevant is the for young people as they navigate life challenges and learning.

The Bars® are about being less programmed and more conscious.

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