Looking to create a healthier-happier YOU?

Would you like to be more relaxed, more able to cope calmly with the stresses of everyday living? Would you like to look and feel younger, more vibrant and alive?

Have you noticed how different you feel when you move your body?

We all need to move our body, connect and attend a yoga class for inspiration from time to time. Whether it’s for weight loss, muscle tone, increased flexibility, prepare for birth or to feel good it’s key to find an effective yoga class that you enjoy.

Why Joyful Body Yoga?

Joyful Body Yoga is a modern-day yoga practice with years of teaching experience each class designed to inspire and motivate you whilst enjoying its amazing benefits. With plenty of instruction and modifications so that you can get the most out of your practice. Each yoga session will leave you able to tackle everyday challenges with new zest.

Does your LIFE feel out of balance?

If your life feels out of balance you can go beyond the yoga mat creating a more harmonious life that really works for you with Breakthrough Sessions or Access Bars®

Access Bars®

When you “get your Bars run” you can change many aspects of your life and body including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more. Each session disperses the electromagnetic charge that holds thoughts, feelings, and emotions in place will dissipate allowing you to perceive your life, body and relationships with clarity and ease.

Breakthrough Sessions

And find you can find out what it’s really like to create the life you love with Breakthrough sessions to help you to go beyond what you have decided is not possible ‘creating more’ ease, freedom and happiness in your life. Are you asking for what you truly desire? Or focusing on what you don’t want or can’t have? Would you like a different possibility?

Whatever you choose these tools can be introduced easily into your busy life, giving you more energy, more creativity, more fun and real peace. What’s more you’ll start to feel the benefits almost immediately as you awaken your full potential and become more conscious and present.

This has changed my life immeasurably for the better, and I know it can change yours.

For me, its the secret of true joy.


I look forward to meeting you,




About Jayne Micallef | Creator of Joyful Body Yoga